A downloadable Delivery for Windows

Greetings [NEW USER]!

This MailCo brand helmet is designed to help YOU in providing lower delivery times for our clients. 

As a new asset deliverance operative, you will be issued the brand new MailCorp DELIVERY VISOR! This allows for assistance in delivery target acquisition and information gathering. The visor will scan the environment and feedback with a variety of information. To aid in data analysis purposes, the VISOR had to be given the ability to develop sentience, please disregard any conversation from your VISOR.

Areas you may be sent could be dangerous - but with the help of your VISOR, you should be able to avoid any deadly threats. That being said, any damage to your delivery suit or helmet will be subtracted from your assignment completion reward.

The DELIVERY VISOR has a range of astounding options listed below!


  • W A S D  - Move asset deliverance operative
  • Mouse - Turn view
  • Left Click - Open door/ Interact 
  • Right Click - Optical zoom 
  • Space - Jump
  • Enter - Menu confirm
  • Press Escape at any time to close the game 

[New User], thank you for joining the MailCo family! Please find your first job posting below!

The sender has not left a specific address, rather a picture of the recipient and coordinates leading to a small space station. You'll have to find the recipient yourself. 

Good Luck [New User]!

Install instructions

Extract the files from the zip folder to an area of your choice and run Delivery.exe

Like many games on itch.io your antivirus might panic since this isn't published by a recognised company - but don't worry it's all above board.

The game should take around 5-10 minutes to complete.


Delivering space mail ADGS.zip 21 MB

Development log


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Really cute game with fun possibilities :) lovely commentary by my new friend VISOR


Very charming! I quite enjoyed playing through this!

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so cool story

Glad you enjoyed it thanks for playing!